Are your talents buried or active?


Brethren when you were born again the purpose for which you were created was declared by God on course for fulfillment. A declaration of war against Satan and his demons was also made by God through Christ Jesus seated on His throne at the right hand of God making intercession for you. Satan and his demons were once and for all given notice to leave your life immediately. Praise the Lord! but take note that God required your partnership and still does, meaning that you have to agree with Him daily and in a whole hearted manner as concerns who He says you are to Him and what He has called you to do for Him, as your identity and destiny unfolds.

As He does the aforementioned, God also highlights the natural and spiritual capabilities “Talents” He has given you which are callings, skills or gifts that enable you to be His vessel restored to Him in true fellowship and at the same time playing your part in the end time harvest of souls or world transformation. Will you be steadfast and focused in faith and in partnership with Him through the Spirit so that He can use you for His glory? Or are you going to allow the enemy of our souls, Satan to keep reminding you of your past life and blind you to your God given talents?

Our Lord Jesus spoke about principles of the kingdom of God when he gave the parable of the Talents. In summary what he was saying was that if we (represented by the servants of the man who travelled) as the two servants in the parable put to use your capabilities which are spiritual and natural callings, skills or gifts what he (represented by the traveling master) gives us so that we are able to bear fruit to the glory of His Kingdom we will receive his commendation and reward “well done good and faithful servant; thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:enter thou into the joy of thy lord” (Matt. 25:21,23).

However if we do not put to use our natural and spiritual callings, skills or gifts for the good of the kingdom of God we are behaving like the servant who did not put even the little talent he had received from the master to use.

Whatever reasons one gives for being just a fruitless branch on the “True Vine” (John 15) Jesus Christ will not be accepted as a good excuse for in God’s eyes they are being disobedient and will suffer the consequences at the judgement seat of Christ at the end of the age.

Let us remember what Jesus said, speaking specifically to his disciples then as well as those who are today, that he the “True Vine”, has called us “branches” to bear lasting fruit (John 15:16) and this is only possible if we abide in him. In fact according to Jesus (John 14:12) as we abide in him, we are capable of doing greater works than he did on earth. We have the powerful Holy Spirit of God indwelling us and a life of devotion unto God activates the Holy Spirit to engage in his many functions such as intercessor, empowerer, teacher or reminder of Jesus teachings, comforter, guide, revealer of the will of God and imparter of His wisdom.

As we can see, we are not only declared long lasting fruit bearers when we come to Christ, but we have all that we need to be as such.

The warning is clear, that one can lose one’s salvation as the fruitless servant in the parable of Talents (Matt.25:25-30) did, or as illustrated in John 15 one can be cut of as a branch from the True Vine, Jesus Christ by God almighty, the Husbandman.

It is not the will of God that anyone perishes so let us take heed not to lose our salvation by making excuses as to why we profess to be Christians but do not live as empowered and capable Christians who have a commission.

Brethren my encouragement to you is that as we are in the final hour of the last days or the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, do not lose sight of your God given capabilities “talents” for use in the church and the world at large. Rise up and be active! Your talents may not be like that of other people or easily evident to others and “a small thing” in your eyes, but God created you unique and for his purposes. The fact that they are God given as well as the dire consequences for not putting them to use should be enough to motivate you to do so.

If you have not done so already start (yes you have some!) listing the God given natural and spiritual skills or gifts which enable you to serve in and outside the church. Then take them to God in prayer asking Him to remind you of the ones you have forgotten to add to the list or for Him to amend the list. Also ask God how you can serve Him better and if there is anything He has equipped you to do which you are not doing.

God loves as so much that the parable of the Talents among other parables and manner of teaching Jesus used are given to us so as to ensure that we lived according to His established principles for our lives. In so doing, we will not be cut of or perish, but rather we will receive His commendation and rewards in this life and in the time of judgment the end of the age.

May we put our God given talents to use so that God can use us in any way He chooses and in every way possible.

You are blessed, determine to stay blessed!

Deborah Esther
©Deborah E. Nyamekye 19/12/2015


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