**Book Release!!! **

 30th April 2016 was the official release for sale of E-Book (Kindle) 
Love Intertwined: Behold Jesus Christ & His Beloved Disciples

Get your Copy !!! Available now to look inside: contents page & part of Chapter 1
Go to http://www.amazon.com/author/nyamekyede
This book is an easy to read, concise bible study, bible meditation & devotional all rolled in one!! for new or mature Christians & those searching for the meaning of life.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from this book? It can be given as a gift, used
in discipleship/training & small group or cell meetings or for personal use.

It is rich in basic or fundamental Christian truths and facts i.e the deity of Jesus, types of 

disciples he seeks & those who qualify to be his friends.

Such information is drawn from His I Am sayings & other conversations. 

It is a call to intimacy/ relationship with God through obedience & holiness – 

A message that is vital in this final hour before Jesus’ return.

Printed copies will be available soon, if required, please send me your orders at

email: readywriterps451@gmail.com

God Bless Deborah E.Nyamekye


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