Day: May 10, 2016

The House that God Builds

The power of loving & pleasing God


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We must all, not least those who minister in any capacity to believers in Christ, always have at the forefront of our minds that our worth is not based on whether people accept us or not, or what they say about us, it is in who God says we are.

We must remember that we live our lives to please God first and foremost because we love Him.

If that is your focus, then there is inevitably a ripple effect for you cannot genuinely love and so please God without desiring to and succeeding in loving and pleasing others. Loving God and pleasing Him means we obey His commands and live according to His Word.

We therefore commune with Jesus in this way for he is the Word and came to dwell among men in the flesh. He is still with us and within us today in the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus prayed for Father to send us.

Loving and pleasing God cultivates His nature within us and this is not surprising because we are created in His image and our redemption through Christ is meant to restore God’s nature within us because we are reconciled to Him.

The outflow of God’s divine nature is that which others see and this is how they know that we are indeed children of God. This is expressed in how we relate to one another and the world in general.

Loving and pleasing God because we love Him is the foundation upon which our outward expression of loving His world and creation is made manifest. When we love God because we have developed a lifestyle of intimacy with Him, we want to please Him and therefore we search the scriptures or take hold of all He has to say in relation to, not only how we must love and relate to others, but also what He has predestined we are to do on earth or our purpose and how we must fulfil our destinies.

How can the aforementioned point be expressed concisely? Upon the foundation of loving and pleasing God we are inevitably built as ones who are empowered to live lives that glorify him (one becomes a “light house” of God), this means our inward sanctification or holiness affects, influences and impacts our families, work colleagues and the world at large according to God’s perfect will.

We are effective Ambassadors as citizens of the Kingdom of God under the rule and government of God.

God’s children are individually a “house” that God builds to make a difference in each life on earth and His world in general.

You and I are the “house” that God builds daily and declares through us that “the seventh angel b “The world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever.” (Rev. 11:15 NLT)

You are blessed, determine to stay blessed!

©Deborah Nyamekye 9/05/2016

Prophetic encouragement: Life & Death are in your hands – Your “Tool Box”

Toolbox with tools. Skrewdriver, hammer, handsaw and wrench

Life and death are in your hands
A call to create and re-create that the world may be patterned according to the will of God.

He has given you the power, the free will to decide and be His labourer, one of His builders for a world that He has designed “those who know their God will be strong and do exploits”.

Do you know your God, do you seek Him? He says “if you seek me you will find me”. You have what it takes, God’s power to know Him more and so do more exploits!

It is time to open it, it is time to use it: what you ask? “Your tool box”
each one has a tool box upon which is etched his name.

Some are never open. Some are half used and some are discarded.

It is time to gather the tools, to make use of them. The time is short, the time is now, to use the tools as you have never done before.

Tools of capacity, skill and unique purposes that many will be saved, healed, taught and so learn to overcome.

Life and death are in your hands.

©Deborah Nyamekye 9/05/2016

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