🎺Joy Triumphant!🎺
Introduction: Whatever plan the enemy has strategised against you, remember today that The LORD has a plan, a strategy to counteract it and outwork His victory for your sake because you are declared from birth more than a conqueror through him who loves you, Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour! So be filled with God’s:

Joy Triumphant ! 

Shout for Joy with a voice of triumph!

Rejoice I say rejoice! 

Be filled with the joy of the LORD,

your Sword of Mirth

given at your new birth.
The Word became flesh,

imparted lasting joy,

spoke so that man’s joy 

would hit the roof!

and stoked flames of truth 

to perfect the law so

men would be perfected, 

and reject flaws,

pull down deceptive 

thrones and declare the

enemy overthrown.
Let not your heart be troubled

as you await the Soon Coming King 

but be clad in the joy of his presence, 

your armour of strength,

and use the Sword of Mirth

to cut to pieces the 

ordinances of death.
Rise up, thou anointed and 

favoured of God! 

Enjoy abundant life! 

and never let the destroyer’s

ploy mute your voice of joy.

“Shout unto God with a voice of triumph” ! (1)

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 3/05/2016

Scriptures: Phil. 4:4, John 1:14, John 15:11, 2 Corinth.10:5, John 14:1, Ps.16:11, John 10:10, Quote (1) Ps 47:1

This is one of my Poems in book “Our God Reigns: Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry” Part 2 on sale at http://www.Amazon.com/author/nyamekyede


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