“Sanctify them through thy Word”

Jesus prayed for those who are his as follows:
“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” (John 17:17 KJV)

As believers we know we are saved by Grace through faith. Faith in a God who daily answers Christ’s prayer in John 17 for every believer;

He sanctifies us by the truth that is in His word. I have to pause here and say what is really true: He can only sanctify us through His pure and true Word if we allow Him to do so. We have our part to play which is to read, study and live according to His Word of Truth.

The Holy Spirit only responds as a teacher and source of divine revelation to a truly yielded heart. We get nothing (zilch, nada!) for doing nothing because our relationship with God is a two way process. May we always remember that.

Poem: Pure & True
Pure, Pure, Pure
are the words of the Lord.
Sweet as the honeycomb to hearts yielded and ready for integrity.

True, True, True
are the words of the Lord
Fragranced with the scent of grace that only seekers of truth can appreciate.

Gracious Father,
we pray that you would sanctify us through your word.
Forgive us if we have been slack or disobedient in anyway.
We acknowledge that apart from you we can achieve
nothing and all our works are in vain.
Help us in our weakness for when we
are weak we trust you alone to give us strength.
Revive us again, LORD.
In Jesus’ mighty name we pray.


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