Day: December 29, 2016

Reality knocks…

Reality knocks in the midst of the Church, in the house of the Saviour, the great Redeemer.

Who will open the blinds, rub their eyes and see what Reality has dug up and brought to the fore?

Reams of dreams await their unscrolling from hearts, paralysed.

Blind to the blessings ready for the picking, they wallow in self-pity, victimised.

Tending to wounded egos, their worth remains packaged within, enslaved.

Meant to be destiny pursuers, they remain still, crippled.

A quiver with strategies to aim at targets for breakthrough, discarded.

Who will answer the call of Reality at the door? Descend on bended knees and cry for help, extend the arm to mentor, be a friend willing to monitor and tutor ?

Who will listen and answer God’s call to be a solution; His ordained hands and feet for action ?

In the midst of the Church, in the house of the Saviour, the great Redeemer where His people are as perishing vapour.

Reality knocks!

©Dec.2016 Deborah E.Nyamekye


THE PRAYER ROOM: Prayer to make a difference in the world by being different 

“If you desire to make a difference in the world you must be different from the world.”


Dear Father,

Hallowed be thy mighty Name, the Name above all names.

At the end of this year and as we prepare to enter the New Year, I pray for myself and on behalf of my Brethren in Christ that you would help us take stock of our lives so that we would humbly come to you in repentance if there are any areas in our lives where we exhibit worldly attitudes and mindsets.

I ask that you would forgive us where we have partnered with the world in any way or formed unholy alliances. Give us insight as to where we have failed you so that we would repent and be cleansed from all unrighteousness.

Merciful Father, as we give you preeminence in every area of our lives, I entrust our spirits, souls and bodies to you that you would examine, convict, sanctify and restore us in areas where we need restoration.

Our desire is to be different from the world and so LORD, I humbly ask that you would teach, strengthen and empower us to remain separated from the world and unto you daily so that we will be your holy vessels and true witnesses that make a difference in the world as is our inheritance” in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen
“10Ye [are] my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I [am] he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. (Is. 43:10 KJV)

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 29/12/2015

PRAYER ROOM: Commanding the Morning & Day Spring JOB 38:12-25 (KJV)

JOB 38:12-25 (KJV)


Every day is established by you LORD God Almighty ! and therefore as your will for Job (chapter 38:12-15) was that he command the morning and the dawn to “know its place” (Ps. 38:12), I accept this as my calling because of the authority that I have in Christ Jesus (Luke 10:18-19).
I therefore command the morning and dawn from henceforth to know their place and be as (verse 14) “clay under the seal” (suppressed) and “hang as a garment” (immovable) when provoked into action as channels of Satan directly and through sorcerers in the mighty name of Jesus.

As concerns my destiny and that of my family and other loved ones and ………………(insert names of people, ministry, business etc…)

you (morning and dawn) shall only be responsive to Creator/Most High and Sovereign God for the earth, humanity and everything in it are under His control and dominion.

With the authority invested in me through Christ Jesus, I command you (morning & dawn) to obey the voice of the LORD and to “take hold of the ends of the earth and shake out the wicked” (verse 13) deeds and words that has been programmed and spoken against me, my family and other loved ones and ………….(insert names of people, ministry, business etc…).

I command the wicked to be (verse 15) blinded to that which concerns me, my family and loved ones and ………… (insert names of people, ministry, business etc…)

and that their “high arm be broken” in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

Deborah Esther x