Presidents come and presidents go! But God goes no where! 

Presidents come and presidents go, but God who allowed their election & period in office always remains on the throne. He has the final say in world events as in individual lives. If He allows them then they form a part of His plan. 

Therefore let us rejoice in all things, regardless of who is president or prime minister or who approves/ likes us or not. Our sense of significance or worth, potential to fulfil our God given destiny should be derived from God and God alone. 
Therefore don’t be angry at anyone as if they are your master or lord, rather look deep within while in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and you will be enlightened daily to the treasure of an identity and destiny especially planned for you. 

Let us also stand up for the weak and vulnerable always as Christ would do, using every opportunity to glorify God in whatever we say and do. 

God bless you

Deborah x

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 20/02/2017


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