Month: January 2018

Snapshots of Glory – a new bi-weekly series

📸Snapshots of Glory are bi-weekly “Word Focus 2 Day” concise and to the point devotional delights captured from God’s Word.

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📸 Snapshots of Glory Series: Intimately & Daily Yours (+Prayer)

Intimately and daily yours…

May we align ourselves completely with what God requires of us this year according to His Word. If we have not already that is; People are at different levels in their walk with Christ.

It is all there clearly visible in His Word; “open my eyes LORD I want to see, open my ears LORD I want to hear what you have to say to me.” Is my heart’s cry.

May resistance to total surrender cease in Jesus name! May humility be a lifestyle and pride overcome, is what I plead, O LORD!

Going from conference to conference, listening to great speakers and teachings of the Bible may be what one thinks is a spiritual need, good! But how much time do we spend at the feet of Jesus, in that intimate place just him and us, with no one around; “me time with God”?

May we have many such precious times with Father, cosying up to Him and listening to His will and plans for our lives so that He shares even His secrets with us, His “friends” through Christ;

“15 I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.”(John 15:15 NLT).

Yes, nothing on earth is greater than living intimately with Father… this is my yearly resolution ❤️

Prayer: Intimately and Daily Yours

Loving Father,

I don’t know how to pray, but one thing I know is that I love you more everyday.

Come closer dear LORD and guide me daily, even with the rod.

To listen to your voice over and above the noise is my daily choice.

Without you I am nothing. With you I find rest and have everything.

Teach me to trust you daily even when dark clouds block my view.

Intimately yours, I offer my heart to you day by day.

©2017Deborah E. Nyamekye 📸