The Most High’ s Voice – Greatest Sound of All! (Ref.Psalm 29)

Most High, talking, chirping, mooing and barking are sounds that we hear from some of your creatures great and small.

When we hear the sound of the gusts of wind, drops of rain, hooting cars, the screeching train and the cracking violent sound of thunder from the sky, it’s the daily melody of Your created earth.

When we hear the sound of the rise and fall of spluttering waves, the ship docking and berthing, ocean sea gulls wailing and squawking, it’s the mixture of stillness and squalling of the coastal shores you created.

None of these sounds LORD, have the power to change lives as your mighty voice, nor match the sound of your soothing words of comfort when we seek your fortitude.

There is no sound on earth greater than your voice that “thunders over the mighty sea, [and] is powerful;majestic, splits the mighty cedars; ..

shatters the cedars of Lebanon..twists mighty oaks and strips the forests bare…everyone shouts, “Glory!”(1)

So to you we ascribe all our worship,

declaring: “The LORD rules over the

flood waters.The LORD reigns as king

forever.The LORD gives his people strength.

The LORD blesses them with peace (2)”

Quotes: (1)Psalm 29:3-5, 9 (2) Psalm 29:10-11

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 16/03/2016


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