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Hi, nice to meet you !

I started this “Manna from on High” Blog as a devotional, motivational and teaching tool to encourage, inspire and teach believers in Jesus Christ and those searching for the purpose of life.

The purpose is to highlight and remind us of

  • our identity and destiny as God planned it according to His pure and true Word,
  • Scriptures or biblical incidents which reveal who God is and enable us to gain understanding of His ways and thoughts so that we can apply them for victorious Christian living. The Bible says “get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding … (Prov. 4:7)“ and “where there is no vision (revelation) the people perish (Prov.29:18 KJV/NIV)”.
My prayer is that as well as encouragement, more knowledge, understanding and revelation will be gained or revived in hearts or minds from this ministry.
Some of my writing genres/themes:
  1. Devotionals, exhortations and Teachings on different topics or subjects in relation to Christian living or the Christian experience at times includes poetry or prayer or both.
  2. Plain Speaking & Counsel Series – blunt, to the point narrative (without mincing words so to speak!) & counsel relating to a moral matter or subject requiring our attention as children of God.
  3. Hepzibah’s Visitations Series – This is a series in which the Most Noble Counsellor (Holy Spirit) sent by God appears to Hepzibah about issues in her life and gives her counsel/teaching, encouragement or warning etc…based solely on scripture.
  4. Poetic exaltations of God and Jesus Christ, Christian poetry/prose.
  5. Prayers and prophetic declarations.
All have quotes from scripture or scriptural references.
NOTE: This website/blog is part of Ready Writer’s Prophetic Scribe Ministry: for more on this ministry click here , “Inspiring and Transformational Books by Author Deborah Esther Nyamekye” click here .
You are blessed, determine to stay blessed!
Deborah E. Nyamekye


Deborah has a writing, teaching & prophetic ministry. She is the founder of Maranatha Encounters Ministry (prophetic, intercessory prayer & teaching events and prayer & prophecy ministration via web-mail), a subsidiary of Bearwitness-Forerunner Ministries International which also encompasses Ready Writer Prophetic Ministry, a writing & publication ministry. Deborah has served the body of Christ in many capacities including being part of the prophetic team of a local London church for five years and for a time on the prophetic team of Christian International Europe. She also pioneered the intercessory prayer ministry of a local church and served as their lead coordinator for a time. Deborah is also a prolific Christian writer/Poet and a published author of inspirational books.
Amazon Author page which also has links to the bookstore for Deborah Esther Nyamekye’s books  http://www.amazon.com/author/nyamekyede



inkpotPsalm 45:1 “…My tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer”, A Prophetic Writing Ministry inspired by the Holy Spirit
Ready Writer’s Prophetic Writing Ministry [Ready Writer’s Daily Manna & Ready Writer’s Poems & Prose] is part of Bear witness-Forerunner Ministries International. For more about us: http://www.bearwitness-forerunner.org
Also check out Ready Writer’s Poems & Prose website (you can subscribe to receive updates): http://www.poetrieprose.wordpress.com
THEME WITHIN TAGLINE SCRIPTURE: John Wesley’s Explanatory notes:“My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1 KJV)
Inditing – Heb. boileth, or bubbleth up like water over the fire. This denotes that the workings of his heart, were fervent and vehement, kindled by God’s grace, and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Made – Have composed. Pen – He was only the pen or instrument in uttering this song; it was the spirit of God, by whose hand this pen was guided.
(Source: John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes taken from http://www.studylight.org/commentary/psalms/45-1.html)
“The words of the Lord are Pure Words, as silver tried in the furnace of the earth, purified seven times”(Psalm 12:6)

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