About Ready Writer & Welcome


Hi there!
Nice to meet you.

I started this blog in 2015. I post Biblically inspired articles, exhortations, poetry and quotes.

God bless you


inkpotPsalm 45:1 “…My tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer”, A Prophetic Writing Ministry inspired by the Holy Spirit

6 thoughts on “About Ready Writer & Welcome

  1. Dear Esther I was very happy to read your blog this morning. God gave me the psalm 45 v 1 verse this morning and I looked online and found you. 3 years ago I attended Mark Virklers “Listening to the voice of God” course and it changed my life. i have always considered myself a writer altho I have never had anything published but I started journaling every day. The journals are now gathering dust on my shelves and i feel prompted by the Lord to start sharing some of the gems inside them. How did you get started? I would love it if you could possibly spare a moment or two of your precious time to just advise me and help me make that first scary move! I appreciate you are very busy!! God bless you and your Holy Spirit inspired writing! Love from Bev


      1. Just copy the text on link and link to me as the person who nominated you. Also copy the award. You can nominate 15 people and if you want to say anything about your blogging.

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