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Exhortation/Poem: The Sky’s the Limit

In Christ you and I can do all things! praise the LORD! This is because we have all things that pertain to life & godliness. The weapons of our warfare (God’s Word and Spirit) are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of demonic strongholds!

Know therefore that nothing can separate you from God nor His divine will, not even tribulation. Remember afflictions are a stepping stone to the fulfilment of God’s glorious plans, a time to learn how to rise up in strength through God’s Word and prayer. 
A time to cultivate intimacy with God, trusting that what He said in His word is true; He will never leave you know forsake you. Jesus resolved not to lose any of those that His Father has given him, and that includes you and I. Praise the LORD!

Brethren, God has us in the palm of His hands and He even knows the amount of affliction we would go through and declared through the finished work at Calvary that we are more than a conqueror!

Remember, the sky’s the Limit for you this week and every week to follow in Jesus’ mighty name!! Blessings galore Deborah Esther x

✝Poem: The Sky’s the Limit

Ignoring crucial matters

is as swimming in

shallow waters.

Fear of the advance

is as living within

enemy’s borders.

Our mandate is
to delve deeper.

The sky’s he limit.

We look to see,

Listen to hear

and read to understand.

When we are done,

we act to accomplish.

A special people,
with gifts and potential.

Born with plenty,

we are determined to

utilise all and return

to dust empty.
Copyright. All Rights Reserved 2016/Deborah E. Nyamekye

Poem in soon to be published book Gloom, Hope & Glory: 1984-2017

A collection of reflective poems about everyday life & world affairs.


On Your Marks, Get Set Go!


On your marks, get set GO!

Go in God’s might,
so you have what it takes
and have no need to take
shortcuts or brakes.

I say Go!
If you begin to slack
there is sure to be a backlash.

Go in the power
of God’s anointing
that is not a small thing
needed for the advance.

I say Go! 
Onwards & upwards,
not looking back,
but do stay on track.

Go in God’s mighty power
you who are sent.
Go in the LORD’s strong tower,
you who repent.

The call to excel
awaits you, I can tell
and the finishing price
is yours, one chosen
for an end time up rise.
So Just GO!

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 13/06/2016

This Poem is from the category of Poems called “Moral & Motivational Discourse, Wise Sayings & Prophetic Counsel” from Part 1 of my two part new Poetry books out week of 8th August 2016. They are entitled

Our God Reigns – Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry Part 1 & 2.

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