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Poem (Storytelling series): Lady Blossom on Earth’s Scenes & Chimes 

On a bench looking nature in her face, I, Lady Blossom hear well rehearsed birds singing melodies that must be heard. A pheasant appears here and there but wants none of it and escapes gladly beneath the ferns.

The wind thunders a chorus, now and again later, ruffling trees clothed in glistening leaves and a colourful mosaic of joyous blooms. 

Languages from across the world add to nature’s chimes as visitors sit and chat on well mowed lawns amidst the tranquil sights and sounds. 

Mothers pushing prams jovially chat and stop midway now and again taking in the beautiful scenes and inhaling clean country air. With heads raised and squinted eyes, they fail not to catch the gentle springtime sun nor feel the tingle of the warm breeze.

A monk with a staff walks briskly past, is he praying or in a hurry to break his fast? 

I look up to soak in the last rays of the evening sun blowing a kiss with joy to the divine. With a standing ovation, I join the choir giving thanks for all creatures great & small.

Bowing, off I go to the “Earth Appreciation Forum”. While on stage, I leave my notes on the podium, walk away and begin to speak from my heart: “Ladies & Gentlemen you expect research from busy times, but tune in now to “Lady Blossom on Earth Scenes & Chimes”.
I begin: “On a bench looking nature in her face, I, Lady Blossom…”
©23Apr2017 DENyamekye
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DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL_OGR_Bk1DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL_OGRBK_2A two part collection of Poetry by Inspirational Prophetic Scribe/Author-Poet Deborah Esther Nyamekye will be available on sale from 16th August 2016
Title: Our God Reigns
Subtitle: Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry
E-Books will be available for sale online on Amazon.com, Deborah’s Author page http://www.amazon.com/author/nyamekyede

Print books are available on order from the author.

These poems by Deborah Esther Nyamekye cover a wide range of topics for the purpose of
-praising God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
-inspiring and encouraging believers in Jesus in their daily Christian walk as well as those interested in the Christian faith.

There are diverse categories of poems about a believer’s testimonial of redemption and surrender to God with some presented as “Redemption Storytelling” using fictitious characters, often dramatised with the intent of conveying the power of salvation to transform lives. There are poems about the general Christian walk and morality. Some are intended clearly to motivate, encourage or uplift and give prophetic counsel.

The Author/Poet has also been inspired by God to write poems that are in themselves prophetic encouragement and speak of God’s control over the believers’ identity, destiny and purpose as well as His promises, provision and blessing. At times quotes from scripture either make up part of the poems or are referenced below the poems as key scriptures which inspired the poem in question.

Part 1
The Chapters in this book, Part 1 are as follows:
1.God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.
2.The Kingdom of God and the Soon Coming.
3.Moral & Motivational Discourse, Wise Sayings & Prophetic Counsel

Part 2
1.Intimacy with God & Life in His Service
2.Redemption by Jesus Christ, The Messiah
3.Prophetic Encouragement
-God’s Control over One’s Identity, Destiny & Purpose.
-God’s Promises and Blessings.