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Prayer of thanksgiving for God’s mighty voice

Heavenly Father 
Thank you for your mighty voice, a voice that resounds in all the earth on my behalf.

By your voice the earth was created, Oh Almighty God ! At the sound of your voice my enemies tremble and flee.

A voice that declares that I am set free from the clutches of Satan because Jesus Christ died for me!
A voice that said on the Cross “It is finished” opening the prison gates so I can walk the path of victory to fulfil your predestined plans for me.

Your voice shatters strongholds of confusion and affliction, building fortes of peace and giving me abundant life in the here and now! 
Your voice is powerful, breaking chains and setting captives free. Your voice, O LORD, is full of majesty!

I give you thanks and praise forever and ever, in Jesus mighty name Amen.

©23.08.2017Deborah E.Nyamekye

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